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Testimonials and Comments from our clients:

"Thank you so very much for your help with this project. I valued your feedback to my ideas and have been so pleased with the result. Thank you for your patience with me as well. Again, thanks so much - you do beautiful work."
Joseph P. Horan FASID, Joseph Horan Interior Design, San Francisco/Napa

"Two of my most esteemed and gifted colleagues have joined forces and launched a faux finish company.  You will not find more talent, patience or beauty coming out of a faux finish company....coming from someone who worked with and in several .  I highly recommend them for any project you might have from wood graining to murals.  Both are licensed contractors and have handled projects of all magnitude."
Anne Raskin, San Francisco

"We have had a few months to enjoy our flower garden mural and we really love it."
Lynn and David Nelson

Dear Peta and Bac,
Just a short note to thank you again. It was so nice to see you (Peta) out of the blue the other day. As someone who is extremely allergic to almost everything in our overly industrialized world, I really appreciated your concern for my health - while doing a great job beautifying my environment. I love my color washed walls and the fireplace mantle you softly antiqued. They give me so much pleasure every day, the best thing being of course that the (low VOC) paint used does not make me sick!
Thank you both so much!
PJ Williams, Cartoonist, San Rafael

Dear Affinity Studio,
Can't tell you how pleased I am that you guys turned my big ugly room into a palace. As a company you are very easy to work with, which is a great perk when you, as I do, hate being disturbed. Such great changes in my home and at a no harassment price!
E Penfield, Retired, Tiburon

Dear Affinity Studio,
I'm so pleased with my living area! The color is perfect and compliments my eclectic array of furniture wonderfully. As a real left brainer I have no skill at all in arranging furniture. Peta not only did a great job in choosing the right color and technique for my walls but also trouble shot my furniture predicament with great results.
Lydia Saunders, Computer Consultant, Mill Valley

Thank you so much for painting my house and making it look so beautiful. Also for cleaning up the another person's mistakes! Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Good luck with your art work.
Francis Moltley, Lafayette, California

You have been painting for us for over 10 years now, we will never let you go. Another stunning job, thank you very much.
Shirley Shalavi, Ross


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